Monday, November 26, 2007

Some ZSNES tips

ZSNES is a Free, multi-platform, Super Nintendo Emulator.
Here are couple of little tweaks I would like to share (last used with zsnes 1.51.)

Using Keyboard and Joypads

Sometimes you might use the keyboard, other times a gamepad.
ZSNES offers a nice feature, (useful if you only play 1 to 2 player games, like I do)
Tick the box Use PL3/4 as PL1/2

So, if you set your keyboard for player 1, and gamepad for player 3. Both will be useable for player 1. The same applies to player 2, for the player 2 and player 4 settings. This way, you can switch from gamepad to keyboard any time, with no need to reconfigure your settings.

Crackles and Pops

If you experience any sound issues.

gedit ~/.zsnes/zsnesl.cfg

On line 178, change "auto" to "sdl"

Close the file.
The other settings can be changed from the GUI under Config -> Sound.
48000HZ with High Quality low pass filtering (you'll notice if you have a sub-woofer.)

Wide screen Aspect Ratio

So you have a wide screen, and do not want any distortion when full screen. As far as I know, zsnes doesn't offer full aspect ratio correction.

Enter a custom resolution
My monitor is 1920x1200

Take the vertical monitor resolution,
divide it by 448

Take that number and multiply it by 512
round down

1371 x 1200

Enter that (click the lower SET button) then choose CUSTOM OD F

At that point press SET (the top button.)

Now zsnes should be full screen. Click the FILTERS tab, untick Use 4:3 ratio.

Note the larger vertical black bars, the emulated game screen is now proportionate.

If you are a true purist, keep the final size you choose a multiple of 256 x 224.
If you have a 1920 x 1200 screen, 1280 x 1120 are the largest multiples it can accommodate.

Experiment! Choose something that meets your tastes!

Alt + Enter will switch from full screen to windowed mode.

Have fun!


Unknown said...

Personally I use only 4:3 screens - circles and squares look right, and Samus doesn't look fat. :) On my 1280x1024 TFT I just select 1280x960; the slight blurring isn't noticeable.

PS: This ZSNES icon might be a bit better:

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this guide. The zsnes config file tip changing it from auto to sdl helped me out a lot after "upgrading" from Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon to Hardy Haron :)