Saturday, November 3, 2007

A little fun with KQ

I've been trying out KQ lately. No, not King's Quest, although I do enjoy that series (never played II & VIII though...)

KQ is basically an old school style RPG, similar to Final Fantasy I. Enough said! ^_^

It's plenty fun, so I suggest giving it a try. It is available in the Ubuntu Repositories, just go to Add/Remove and it is under Games.

One thing that caught my attention was the intro music. It is available in module format and is stored in

I use Audacious to play these files, and it does a wonderful job!
The intro theme is called aa_arofl.xm. The title: Archons of Light, and with a little magic from Google, voila!

The Mod Archive. I never knew this site existed, and loads and loads of um... mods. Mmm!

If it's your style, give it a listen. If not, time to find out!

Fran out.

P.S. I highly recommend Oxford-Suite. And waterw.xm, however this one is not available at their archive, just bundled as a free download with KQ... I'll have to investigate this a bit ;)

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